Meeting Dates For 2023

Next meeting is June 21 at the Hubbell Ave. library @ 6:00 pm.

October 19, 2023, 6:00 pm, tentative date, the Des Moines City Council Forum.

Meetings are held in person and by telephone depending on need. See web
page for details or call any officer.


Northeast Neighbors is a nonprofit organization founded in Iowa in 2005 to advance the interests and vitality of Northeast Des Moines neighborhoods. Since its inception, Northeast Neighbors has been instrumental in unifying the voice of the neighborhoods we represent and helping that voice be heard throughout the entire Des Moines community.

Our Mission

  • Share information of common interest and value.
  • Increase the power of member neighborhood groups and associations to improve their areas and address major projects in the area.
  • To promote projects, forums, conferences and other community efforts.
  • Advocate for civic improvements and reforms for the benefit of the northeast area of Des Moines.

Neighborhood Boundaries

Bordered on the north and east by the Des Moines City limits and on the South and West by the Des Moines River.